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Trading Update Sept 20


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  • 12/11/2020
    Trading Update - September 2020
  • 24/09/2020
    Aster Treasury Statutory Accounts 2020
  • 14/09/2020
    Annual Report and Financial Statements - 2020
  • 30/09/2019
    Economic Impact Report - 2018/19

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Finance Calendar

Annual investor update Dec-20
Financial plan approval Mar-21
Trading update May-21
AGM - Aster Treasury PLC 07 Sept 21
AGM - Aster Communities/Synergy Housing 15 Sept 21
Statutory Accounts - 31 March 2021 Sept-21
Trading update Nov-21
Annual investor update Dec-21
Financial plan approval Mar-22
Trading update May-22
Statutory Accounts - 31 March 2022 Sept-22
AGM - Aster Treasury plc Sept-22
AGM - Aster Communities/Synergy Housing Sept-22
Trading update - 30 September 2022 Nov-22