- By Housing

Election result comment from Bjorn Howard

What’s needed now is consistency rather than upheaval. A government must be formed as quickly as possible so that we can continue to build on the progress made in recent years in supporting the housing and housebuilding sectors. It was a good sign for the sector that all major parties recognised the need for a focus on housing in their manifestos... {...}

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- By Shared ownership

A new charter will give us what’s needed to help grow the shared ownership market

The housing shortage is at the forefront of public consciousness. Rising rents and capital values, within the context of fairly static wage growth, have left a huge cross-section of society with limited opportunities to own their own homes. With the affordability of housing for those even on above-average incomes now a national crisis, the recent shift in policy focus away from traditional ownership, has been broadly welcomed by the sector. {...}

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