Our ONS reclassification reaction

“Theresa May and Sajid Javid have both stated, yet again, their commitment to increasing housing supply. The housing whitepaper, the Conservative Party Conference, and now today’s speeches, have all contained a lot of positive messaging; but now is the time to act on the proposals that have been set out.

“We hope to see the Chancellor take serious strides and provide solid detail on how the government intends to honour its commitments and make housing fairer and more accessible to those currently priced out of the market. 

“We believe increased supply along with more choice, which can be provided by greater availability of shared ownership alongside the traditional options of renting and outright home-ownership, will make a significant difference."

“Taking housing associations back off the public balance sheet should not be seen as a neat accountancy trick from the government. It puts us back in the private sector where we rightly belong. But it also shows a genuine desire from Westminster to see the sector become more commercial in its approach. 

“We view this mind-set positively. Increased flexibility enables us to maximise our potential and take advantage of a more diversified mix of funding sources.”


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