My first year as an apprentice at Aster

After leaving school, having not progressed any further than A Levels, I moved between several different jobs looking for a fulfilling path.

University wasn't my first choice, with high tuition fees and a work force becoming increasingly flooded with post graduates. So, I began researching alternatives on the Aster website after a friend recommended I check there.

I had heard about apprenticeships but never delved deeper. I discovered a hidden opportunity. 

I am now six months into the four-year apprenticeship and my perpetual state of glee has yet to diminish.

Developing practical skills on site and furthering my own knowledge at college with the end goal of becoming qualified out in front of me, there seems to be no end of fantastic days at work. Bad days become challenging days and good days become great days.

You are taught everything you need to know by qualified electricians that do the job daily.

I’ve found that you definitely get out of Aster what you put in. The only limitation is your own motivation.  

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