Helping our customers’ voice to shine in all that we do

The experiences our customers have in their homes, and their views on our services, play a vital role in how we make decisions. At Aster, customer voice is the true driver of improving what we offer right across the business.

Part of the reason we’re able to deliver on this is our brilliant Customer Voice team, who work hard to provide opportunities for our thousands of customers to share their thoughts and opinions on what matters to them. We’ve also got five dedicated involved customer groups who regularly talk to us and customers let us know where we can improve and help shape the services we provide.

In early June, I was pleased to host an away day for many of our customers in our involved groups to look back at the past year and celebrate some of the fantastic successes that our customers have helped us to drive forward.  

Improving our offer

There’s plenty of ways and opportunities for as many of our customers as possible to be involved in decisions to help shape the business. Speaking with customers on the day, it was clear the breadth of cooperation and collaboration between them and our colleagues. For example, customers recently helped recruit senior people to the business including our new Chair, Steve Trusler, and supported me to appoint our new Head of Property Services.

I was pleased to share our plans to co-create a new Aster Comfort Rating for each of our 37,000 homes, that offer more transparent and easily available information on safety, and that embrace new technologies to meet customer needs. That came from customer feedback around having a strong focus on their homes and communities being safe, and one of our involved customers told me how that needed to be our top priority.

I also got to discuss with some of our customers the importance of choice and flexibility on the improvements we make, so that they meet their individual needs. This is an integral part of our journey to modernise our customers services to recognise that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and delivering on our plans will need the participation of a wide range of customers.

Another area we discussed was the work to improve our complaints culture. We’ve already made changes to our processes and how we track complaints, to implementing learning circles to provide opportunities for open and honest discussions around customer feedback. Our customer-led Designated Complaints Panel has been integral into the shaping of this service to date.

Ultimately, I know our customers want to be able to enjoy their home and local surroundings and ensure they receive a modern service tailored to their needs. We’ll work with them and their communities to deliver this.

We’re keen to have conversations with colleagues, customers and our peers about Customer Voice, so please do get in touch or visit our Customer Voice page on our website to find out more about the work we do.

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