Your annual gas safety check

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease, gas safety inspections can take place in homes once again and our gas safety checks service has now resumed.

As a home owner you're responsible for making sure your boiler is serviced each year. Most warranties on new boilers are only valid if the boiler is regularly serviced by a gas safe registered engineer. 

If you have moved into a new home or replaced your boiler, make sure you have a copy of the installation certificate for your boiler. This confirms that the appliance was installed correctly and meets safety regulations. You will need this if you want to sell your property. If you can’t find your installation certificate you can contact Gas Safe and ask them to check their records. 

We've now resumed our work to contact home owners with more information about gas safety checks and if you haven’t sent us your gas safety certificate to ask you to do so. 

To find a gas safe engineer in your area visit the gas safe register website.  

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