Over 9,000 emergency calls received by Connected Living

Our technology enabled care service, Connected Living has received over 180,000 calls to its monitoring centre since the start of the pandemic.

The calls, received between March 2020 and February 2021, were triggered through pendants or other detectors which alert the team if a person has a fall in their home or needs help. Over 9,000 of the calls were made by customers specifically seeking emergency help which led to more than 3,000 ambulances being sent out.

Lynn Hillier from Romsey, Hampshire, has been using the Connected Living service for over 20 years. Mrs Hillier lives alone and wears an emergency call pendant that she presses to call for help if she has a fit. During the pandemic she used the service and said: “The first time I pressed the button I was having a hypoglycaemic attack and they told me to lay still while they called for help. All I can remember is saying, help me, help me, and they did.

“I really didn’t want it, I didn’t want to be labelled old, but I wouldn’t be without it now. I find it reassuring and I know my daughter does too.”

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