Hedgehog rescue at Independent Living Scheme

When customers recently discovered a young hedgehog in one of our Independent Living Schemes, our officer Daniella Reed stepped up to move the prickly creature to safety.

The animal had even managed to climb up a flight of stairs before it was found on the communal landing, ripping up the carpet trying to forage for food.

Daniella spoke to the RSPCA, who explained how to remove the animal safely and set up a food station with some cat biscuits and water. She then used strong gardening gloves and towels to cover the hedgehog and move him outside.

Daniella said: “I talked to the hedgehog as it appeared scared when I approached it. I picked him up carefully and took him outside to a dark spot by a shed and placed him on the ground. He seemed to cheer up at being outside again and I left some food for him there.

“My job is very versatile, and this was a very humbling experience.”

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