Customers praise Independent Living schemes refurbishments

Over the last three years, our Independent Living team has refurbished 12 schemes to improve the communal living spaces for our customers.

We’ve transformed living and dining areas, refreshed reception spaces and welcome rooms, and updated the offices where our Independent Living Officers work.

Under the first phase, we refurbished seven schemes including Gorehedge in Frome, Somerset and St Barnabas Court in Plymouth, Devon.

During phase two, we transformed five schemes including Bovemoor in Street, Somerset. As part of phase three, we’ll be working on nine schemes.

Our customers have been involved in the entire process, telling us they’d like both group areas to play games and activities together, and quiet spaces to relax and socialise in. We’ve incorporated their needs and wishes into our unique designs of each scheme, and here’s what some had to say about the refurbishments:

“It’s really nice and I like it here a lot, we use the big round table a lot, its lovely to get people together and have a chat."

“It looks much more modern now, was nice to have an opportunity to give feedback on how we use the areas.”

“The workmen were very courteous.”

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