Andover Crisis and Support Centre – supporting a lifeline for the community

Andover Crisis and Support Centre provides a safe and secure lifeline for people across the community when they’re faced with some of the most difficult circumstances.

We work closely with the team to support their work to improve the lives of women and children who have been affected by domestic violence and abuse.

The Centre offers accommodation and support through their team of dedicated staff, with new opportunities to join the team now available.

Their services include a telephone and drop in service offering information, advice and support focused on domestic abuse issues and a generic counselling service for the local community. Emergency “crash” beds are also available for women and their children who need short-term stays during a time of crisis.

During the Coronavirus outbreak we arranged emergency accommodation for a family living in the centre when one of the children began to show symptoms of COVID-19. We were able to provide a home that gave the family a safe space to self isolate in and protect the other families and staff at the centre.

Over the last year we’ve also provided reconditioned laptops to the crisis centre team, to connect them to the technology they need to make their service more efficient, plan for the future and introduce a new electronic case management system.  

Our Wellness and Resilience programme, offered through the Aster Foundation, has been used by the centre team to support them to look after their own mental health and we’ll continue to find more ways to support the work they do into the future.

If you need support or would like to find out more about the Andover Crisis and Support Centre visit their website:

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