Benefits of Using a GPS Tracker with a Panic Button

With more and more people wanting to keep their independence into their senior years, accessible and unobtrusive 24-hour security measures in their own homes are high on their list of requirements. Helping people to continue to live independently without compromising on their personal safety can be a source of constant worry and often requires a delicate balance. In today’s modern society, looking after our elderly loved ones and ourselves into our old age can become a lot easier when we embrace what modern technology can offer us.

Panic Buttons for Elderly People

For the reassurance that comes with a panic alarm for elderly people, personal panic buttons in the form of a wearable pendant are a great solution. They can be a discreet and constant reassurance not only to the wearer but also to their relatives, neighbours and friends. Simply knowing that you can alert relatives and/or authorities quickly and easily if you ever have a need to can bring great comfort to you and your loved ones. For elderly people who may be at risk of falling or those who may be recovering from an illness or previous injury, a panic button is one of the measures you can put in place to help them to sustain an independent life in the comfort of their own family home.

What If We Could Add GPS Tracking Technology?

With modern GPS technology built into a personal pendant alarm, not only could you instantly send an alert through that you are in need of urgent assistance, but it would also transmit your location, all at the push of a button. This means you can keep the great peace of mind you get with a panic button and pendant alarm in your house with you wherever you go. GPS is an affordable technology that when used in personal safety devices can give users much more freedom. It adds a greater sense of security and reliability while helping elderly people to maintain a safe, happy and mobile way of life. Even if the panic button is not pressed, the GPS tracking device will track the wearer's movements and provide authorised loved ones and authorities with up-to-date information on their current location and previous locations when required. Not only can they send out an alert and the wearer's current location, but a panic alarm for elderly users built into a pendant with GPS tracking technology can also be programmed to send out an automatic alert if the wearer moves out of a predetermined area. This is very helpful for dementia and Alzheimer's sufferers, forming an extra layer of security to rely on in case they wander outside of their home alone or get lost while out and about.