Hungry hedgehog found in Independent Living scheme in Dorset

A hungry hedgehog who was recently found ripping up the carpet trying to forage for food in an Independent Living scheme run by Aster Group in Wool, Dorset has been safely returned to the great outdoors.

The prickly creature was spotted by concerned customers inside at the Knowlewood Knapp scheme, having managed to climb up a flight of stairs before being found on the communal landing nibbling the carpet and looking for food.

Daniella Reed, an Independent Living Officer for local housing association Aster Group, stepped up to move the animal to safety. Daniella spoke to the RSPCA, who explained how to remove the animal safely and set up a food station for it with some cat biscuits and water.

She was told to wait until the animal had turned away from her before covering his face with a towel and gently picking him up. She used strong gardening gloves and towels to cover the hedgehog and move him outside.

Daniella said: “I talked to the hedgehog as it appeared scared and confused when I approached it. I picked him up carefully and took him outside to a dark spot by a shed and placed him on the ground. He seemed to cheer up at being outside again and I left some food for him there.

“My job as an Independent Living Officer is very versatile and this was a very humbling experience!”

Tony Helm, head of Independent Living at Aster Group, said: “We’re pleased the hedgehog was rescued safely and was able to get back outside with the help of one of our team members. No day is ever the same for our team and Danielle did a fantastic job of looking after the unexpected overnight visitor.”

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