Kingsway Gardens - planned major works 2017/18/19

Remedial work on all five blocks in Kingsway Gardens (Atholl Court, Saxon Court, Stuart Court, Tudor Court, York Court) is essential in order to maintain the buildings in the long term. Work done now will mean less impact and lower costs to leaseholders in the future.

Following the transfer in the 1990’s from the local authority to us, we introduced a regular programme of cyclical maintenance which was carried out at six yearly intervals and on an ad hoc basis when issues presented. Building inspections in 2013, identified the need for more detailed investigation and these further investigations identified that significant work was required outside the scope of our planned maintenance programme in order for the buildings to be maintained in the long term. 

Following a Section 20 Consultation with homeowners we have appointed Stepnells Ltd as sole contractor for this project. Stepnells Ltd will undertake the essential remedial work on all blocks in Kingsway Gardens, Andover, starting in spring 2017.

At times all homeowners and leaseholders may face large bills to ensure the maintenance and long-term viability of their properties. We do understand that this is huge amount of money for a family of any means and we will work with residents who are in financial hardship to resolve any issues. 

Please click here to read the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) amended decision dated 13 July 2018.


Repairs Report for Communal Entrance Doors

Read the repairs report for communal entrance doors here.

Section 20 consultation - communal doors and door entry systems

We're carrying out a Section 20 consultation about our plans to replace the communal doors and door entry systems for all five blocks in Kingsway Gardens.

View a copy of the full communal doors and door entry system specification here and our consultant's report here.

Schedule of planned works

All scheduled works are now complete.

To report a non-urgent defect* please email

For any urgent issues relating to defects* please call 01380 735411. 

For all other repairs please call the contact centre on 0333 400 8222 as normal.

Click here for guidance on caring for the weather resistant coating on your balcony.

Click here to see the most recent list of defects reported and addressed

*Defects include issues with balconies, gates, concrete repairs, guttering, patio doors and external painting

Polite request

Please can we remind residents to keep their balconies clean and free of any rubbish or debris. We have unfortunately found several cases of pet faeces being washed down the downpipes from balconies which has created blockages further down the pipework. For guidance on cleaning your balcony please click here.


Residents update


We want to keep you fully updated as we undertake the essential remedial works at Kingsway Gardens. Our newsletter will give you an overview of our progress to date and advise you of any key activities taking place. 

If you are a homeowner and/or resident of Kingsway Gardens and wish to receive a copy of our newsletter by email please email with your name, address and email address.


Block meetings

If you have recently attended a resident block meeting you will receive copies of the minutes of those meetings through the post.

Payment arrangements

This varies depending on the block. Your individual contribution will have been outlined to you in our recent letter.

Money received via service charges pays for delivery of day to day services such as grounds maintenance. 

Some blocks do have a sinking fund, however the funds available in these sinking funds are not sufficient to complete the works required.

Leaseholders were consulted on the level of sinking fund contribution and opted to collect sufficient monies to cover cyclical decoration only.

Whilst we can't change the amount you owe we may be able to help you to spread the cost if that makes things easier for you.  

We will always give you every opportunity to discuss your payment terms with us and urge you to speak to us as soon as you can if you are concerned. 

We will be as flexible as we can to help find a payment solution that fits your circumstances. 

Please contact the customer liaison team for an informal chat about the options that may be available to you.

Please contact us and we will set up your direct debit for you.

You will now have received an invoice from us detailing the amount you owe. If you have opted to set up a direct debit, this will be collected at the same time each month.

This will depend on the total amount you owe. Please refer to your individual payment terms.

We strongly advise you to contact us to make alternative payment arrangements if there are insufficient funds available at the time the direct debit is collected. A late payment and returned direct debit charge will be applied should there be insufficient funds available.

Please contact us to make alternative payment arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ sections include information about the planned works, explanations of the repairs being undertaken and guidance on payment options. Please choose a category from the list:

If you have a specific query which isn’t answered here, please fill in the contact form below and a member of the project team will respond to you.

Please click here to read updated FAQs around the Section 20b notice sent out in September 2019.


A summary of the observations received during the course of the Section 20 process can be found here together with our response. All leaseholders consulted will also have received a hard copy.

Observations and Responses

Send your query to our Kingsway Gardens project team

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If you have a specific query which isn’t answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section, please fill in the contact form on the right and a member of the project team will respond to you.


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