Schedule of planned works

Work started on Saxon Court in April 2017. This will be followed by Atholl Court, York Court, Tudor Court and Stuart Court. 

Saxon Court/Atholl Court/York Court 

Our contractors continue to undertake repair work on the balconies and will start painting the balconies using a working platform soon. You’ll receive a letter over the next couple of weeks to confirm when this is due to happen on your block.  Snagging work has already started on Atholl Court and York Court and Saxon Court will follow soon. 

Tudor Court 

The planned schedule of works for Tudor Court can be found here

The concrete surveys and repairs are now finished, and the contractors will soon be adding the fairing coat on top of the balconies. The scaffolding should now have been taken down and our contractors will be painting the balconies using a mobile platform shortly. 

Stuart Court 

The concrete surveys are in progress which will be followed by the brickwork being jet washed soon.   

You can find the full specification for windows/rooflights/screens/louvres for Stuart Court here.

Residents update


We want to keep you fully updated as we undertake the essential remedial works at Kingsway Gardens. Our newsletter will give you an overview of our progress to date and advise you of any key activities taking place. 

If you are a homeowner and/or resident of Kingsway Gardens and wish to receive a copy of our newsletter by email please email with your name, address and email address.



Block meetings

If you have recently attended a resident block meeting you will receive copies of the minutes of those meetings through the post.

We will keep you posted on when progress meetings will be scheduled for your block. You will receive a personal invitation, advising you of the date, time and location of the meeting.  If you are unable to attend you may send a representative. For further information please contact

Safeguarding our colleagues

We appreciate that this is a challenging and worrying time for many of you, but threats of violence to our employees or to staff working for our contractors Stepnells Ltd is unacceptable. We take a zero tolerance approach to this and will take the appropriate action if any physical violence occurs or is threatened.

Payment arrangements

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A summary of the observations received during the course of the Section 20 process can be found here together with our response. All leaseholders consulted will also have received a hard copy.

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If you have a specific query which isn’t answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section, please fill in the contact form on the right and a member of the project team will respond to you.