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Planned maintenence

We carry out a variety of planned maintenance upgrades in our homes. These include the installation of new kitchens, heating, doors, bathrooms, chimneys and much more.

Our property investment team gathers information on the condition of your home by carrying out surveys. This is how we know when it is time to update your home.


Kitchen replacements are normally carried out when kitchens are over 20 years old and where fittings are also at the end of their life. Each kitchen is designed with the current customer in mind. For example, the number, type and size of appliances in kitchens have a major impact on layout. Customers can choose the colour of their kitchen worktops, unit doors and flooring.

Bathroom Improvements

These are done when bathrooms are over 30 years old and where fittings are also at the end of their life. It might only be that a bath, washbasin or toilet needs to be replaced. White wall tiles are used and customers can choose the colour of flooring. The layout will normally be the same as the existing layout.

Major refurbishments

We carry out major refurbishments on some empty properties, including removing chimney breasts and fireplaces, relocating kitchens and bathrooms and making the layout more functional.


We are responsible for making sure that any gas and electrical installations in your rented property are safe. This includes an annual gas check that must be carried out by an engineer registered with the Gas Safe Register.

  • Gas Safety Certificates (GSC)

    Your Gas Safety Certificate lets you know that a fully qualified gas technician has inspected and checked all your gas connections, pipes and any appliances. The check will also see if there are any gas leaks, or if there is carbon monoxide leaking into the property. We have to carry out a gas safety check every year by law. We also carry out a gas safety check every time the property becomes empty. It’s very important that you let us into the property to carry out this check.

  • Electric Safety Certificates (ESC)

    Your Electric Safety Certificate shows you that any wiring, sockets and installations are safe and legal. The check includes looking at the electrics as well as testing them to make sure they’re safe. We carry out an electrical safety inspection every time a property becomes empty, so we can be sure your new home is safe for you to live in.

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Report a repair through your customer account. If you need to report a non-emergency repair, you can let us know quickly here without having to call or email. To report an emergency repair, please call us on 0800 400 8222.

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