• Where are the works taking place?

    Work will be carried out on properties in the following areas: Brunel Way, Yatton ; High Street, Twerton; Glasscutters, Bristol,  Blackcurrant Drive, Long Ashton, Goldcrest Way, Portbury

  • What works will you be carrying out?

    A full specification will be provided in the second stage of the section 20 consultation, however this work is to re-decorate any exterior elements previously decorated and undertake any pre-paint repairs as deemed necessary. The internal decoration of any communal areas and all gutters and downpipes that are accessible and can be detached are to be cleaned and cleared.

  • Why do these need to be done?

    As your landlord we are obliged to carry out a six yearly redecoration programme. This prevents the degradation of the external and internal fabric of the building.

  • Will I need to pay anything?

    Leaseholders will need to pay a share of the costs for any major or cyclical works in accordance with your lease terms. The proportion of costs may be based on equal division or another method but this will be clearly outlined in your lease. If you contribute towards a reserve or sinking fund we will use this to pay for as much of the cost as possible.

  • How long will the work take?

    We are still in the early stages of this process therefore until we have instructed a contractor we are not be able to confirm a timeframe.

  • Will there be any disruption?

    There may be some disruption however, we will work hard to ensure that this is kept to a minimum

  • Do I have to agree to have the work done?

    As your landlord we are required to undertake a cyclical maintenance programme every six years as detailed in your lease.