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We’d like to share the real-life stories of our customers, from your moving experience to how our teams have personally supported you and what you love about your Aster home.

You can share your story using the simple form below, or just fill in your contact details and one of the team will give you a call to chat and document it with you.

Our customer voice stories enable us to share real life experiences from our customers both in your home and your local community.

The quotes you share, along with your photos and voice or video clips can be used in Aster promotional material, such as, on the website, in our brochures, our annual reports, in case studies, on social media and in local newspapers.

If you’d like our help to create your personal life story to share, we can help you to at your request.

If you have photos you’d like to share, then you can upload them below. If not, we will contact you to arrange photography or voice or video clips to accompany your story.

Disclaimer: By submitting your details you are consenting to Aster contacting you to gather further information or to arrange photography to then use in promotional material. For further information about how we use your data please visit 

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