Partnership working with our colleagues

Perhaps one of our greatest partnerships in action is the one we have with our 1,900 plus colleagues. Through our transformation programme – Programme Experience – we continue to improve what it’s like to be an Aster colleague, to be the best they can be at work, which in turn supports our ambitions of improving and modernising our customer services.

Diversity and Inclusion

Further to achieving a 14% increase in our annual Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) benchmarking from ENEI (the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion) this financial year, we gained access to the Housing Diversity Network Board Diversity Programme, and continued to accelerate our action plan including extending colleague networks and creating an Inclusion Steering Group.

Flexible working

We’ve long been a leading employer embracing flexible working offering our colleagues agile working (mobile, remote, hybrid, company located), flexible leave arrangements including unlimited and family leave.

Menopause friendly

We were one of the first employers in the country to be recognised as ‘menopause friendly’ and now offer colleagues a comprehensive support and awareness programme. During 2022 we have won the Menopause Friendly Employer Award, Best Support Group, and the Employee Benefits Award, Best Benefits to Support Menopause, Fertility or Pregnancy. 

Mental health wellbeing

Our Mentally Healthy campaign provides our colleagues with the opportunity to spot the signs and symptoms of poor mental health in themselves and others, and to know where to get support.

As part of a package of initiatives designed to empower colleagues to look after their mental wellbeing we offer free access to the apps Thrive Mental Wellbeing and Plumm Health.

We also regularly offer webinars and learning sessions to such as ‘Introduction to Mental Health’ and ‘Increasing emotional Resilience’.

Restorative Practice

In 2020 we were the first organisation outside of the UK criminal justice system to receive Registered Restorative Organisation status and we are committed to ensuring all colleagues have the opportunity to benefit from restorative principles. 

Restorative Practice (RP) is all about using the right tools to build healthy relationships and positively respond to differences of opinion. It can be used to prevent misunderstandings and conflict but address it when it does, enabling teams and individuals to have a voice and come up with their own solutions to enable them to work better together.