Shared Ownership and Leaseholder rent changes in April each year

Yes - from 1st April each year, along with most other housing associations we’ll be applying the rent increase formula as set out in your lease. This will mean that you’ll see a small increase in your monthly rent.

Around 90,000 people rely on us to provide them with a safe, secure home.

The rent we receive goes towards having someone available to help you when you have a query. 

To read more about the services we provide and the investment we make in our homes and our communities – click here.

We invest the money we receive from your rent into providing a range of services to our customers.   

When things like the cost of living, construction materials, travel and borrowing rises, so too does the money we need to spend as a business to make sure we to continue to provide you with modern, reliable services.

Please let us know if you’re worried about increasing bills so our home ownership team can help you get the right support and advice. You can reach us on 0333 400 8222 or visit MyAster where you can chat to us via our Live Chat service.

We can provide advice and help you set up realistic repayment schedules if you’re in arrears and we can also connect you to other support services in your community if you need them.

You can use our free Money Advice Tool, which provides guidance on budgeting and will help you check you’re accessing all the support available to you.

If you’re concerned, please don’t suffer in silence, our home ownership team are there to help you if you’re worried. Please get in touch with us as early as possible, so we can help you understand your options. Call us on 0333 400 8222 to get started.

If you’d like help with a specific job search, we can put you in touch with your local Job Centre who have access to a range of opportunities.

Many of our customers do get help to pay their rent by claiming either Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. If you’re struggling to pay your rent, you could be entitled to some help. We encourage all our customers to check if they’re entitled by using our free Money Advice Tool. Alternatively, you can phone us and ask to speak to our home ownership team on 0333 400 8222.

Your rent will be reviewed each year and any increase will be implemented on 1st April each year as per the terms of your lease. We understand that any increase can be worrying, and we’re here to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

No, we’ll ask your bank directly to pay us the new amount, giving you at least five days’ notice. Your direct debit will be recalculated based on your new payment and we will tell you the new charge by letter later this month.

Yes, if you pay by standing order, you’ll need to tell your bank to pay us the new amount. You can find the new charge on your increase letter, which you will receive later this month, or you can phone us on 0800 300 8222 to ask for your new monthly amount.


You might pay for additional services such as shared lighting or grounds maintenance via a service charge. Each year we look at how much we’ve spent providing these services to make sure you’re paying the right amount. Service charges are variable, which means that they can go up and down. 

We’ll contact everyone giving adequate notice of any annual increase to service charges in accordance with your lease.  


MyAster is a one stop shop which allows you to update and get information at a time that suits you. You can view your account online using the MyAster customer portal. Register or log in at You’ll also find useful information on our My Money page on MyAster. You can use the Money Advice Tool to see if you’re entitled to any benefits and get help and advice with how to apply.

Alternatively, please call us on 0333 400 8222.

You can contact us for further information about your increase on 0333 400 8222.