• Test your smoke alarm once a week by pressing the test button and holding it until the alarm sounds.
  • Change the battery in the alarm once a year, unless it is a 10 year alarm or connected to the mains
  • Make a fire action plan so everyone in your home knows how to escape if there is a fire
  • Keep doors and windows clear so that people can escape if there is a fire
  • Make sure the keys to doors and windows are easy to find
  • Be extra careful in the kitchen. More than half of fires in homes happen during cooking
  • Be extra careful when cooking with hot oil. Think about buying a deepfat fryer which is controlled by a thermostat
  • Never leave candles lit in rooms no one is in or rooms where children are on their own
  • Make sure candles are in secure holders on a surface that doesn’t burn and are away from anything that could burn
  • Make sure cigarettes are stubbed out properly and are carefully thrown away
  • Never smoke in bed. Get into the habit of closing doors at night
  • Don’t overload electrical sockets and always switch off and unplug electrical appliances when they’re not in use.
  • Keep matches and lighters where children can’t see or reach them
  • Be extra careful when you’re tired or have been drinking

For more advice about fire safety:



Fire advice for customers living in blocks of flats

If you would like a copy of the fire risk assessment for your communal block it can be requested by emailing healthandsafety@aster.co.uk