Creating a customer account

Accessing your account information online

Creating your account

We have an online customer services portal, which you can use to access a wide range of services including:

  • paying your rent
  • updating your personal details
  • reporting a repair to your home
  • reporting any issues like anti-social behaviour and much more.
Create my account

Details to have to hand

You will need to register when you first try access your account. You'll be asked to provide your rent account number or tenancy number, followed by your personal details we have on record (for example your surname, forename and date of birth).

Your rent account number or tenancy number can be found in a number of ways explained below.

  • Using your payment card. Your tenancy number can be found in the bottom right of your payment card. You just need to leave out any zeros at the beginning of the number. For example, if the number on your card is 00700000, your tenancy number is 700000.
  • Using your reference number. Your tenancy number or rent account number will be included in any correspondence you've received from us regarding your account. This should be located in the top right under the heading ‘Your ref’.
  • Using the request form below to have it sent to you via email

If you continue to experience problems, please call 0333 400 8222 or click here to email us.

Request your rent account number

To register for our online services you will need your rent account number.  If you don't know it you can use this form to have it sent to you

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