Case study

Digital engagement with our customers

At 71 years old, Sam Plummer is a confident customer when it comes to getting in contact with Aster online. He finds this way of communicating not only easy, but fast and convenient, and he is eager to reassure those with doubts.

“It’s easy to set up,” Sam says. “You’re given a pin number that you use to log into the portal on the Aster website and you give your name and address and account number. You’re then able to choose your own password.

“When you go to login again, the system will only ask for certain letters from your password, which will be different every time. This keeps your accounts secure.

“Once you’re logged in, you can see all of your account information in the same place. This makes it easier to keep an eye on anything that might be going on. You can check that you are up to date on your rent, you can report any issues immediately and you can look up any other information that concerns you, like inspections.”

Although digital communications can be daunting at first for many, Sam is convinced that going digital is the way forward. “It’s so much easier to find this information online. You can look it up in the comfort of your own home. It’s quicker, because you don’t need to travel to the Aster office just to talk to an advisor, and it’s clearer because you can see all your information in the same place instead of having to ask about the individual bits of information that you need to know.”

Sam holds the position as a community representative and was given a Pride of Andover Award for his hard work within the community.

An avid supporter of digital ways of communicating, Sam offers a word of encouragement for those customers who are not yet using the Aster My Account web portal. “Just get online and do it,” he says. “It gives you control of your accounts.”



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