Vision: Inclusivity and fairness is central to The Aster Way

Diversity & Inclusion Principles

Diversity & Inclusion Principles Diversity & Inclusion Policy

"We will create a fairer and more inclusive culture by creating an environment where diversity in all its forms is welcomed and celebrated in everything we do"

  • We will make it easy for colleagues and customers to tell us who they are if they want to and what they need, and be clear what we’ll do with the information
  • In our interactions we will take account of individual needs
  • We will create an environment where colleagues can be themselves and feel comfortable to bring their whole self to work
  • We will be respectful of our customers diversity and tailor our services to meet their needs
  • Leaders will support diversity in all forms within their teams service.

  • Customers and colleagues will be able to voice their opinions on things that matter to them
  • We will create opportunity for all colleagues through our talent management approach
  • We will support customers to access training and work experience opportunities
  • We will be flexible in the way we work
  • We will recruit the best talent based on merit and potential
  • We will actively address any identified pay gaps for our colleagues
  • We will provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone
  • We will support under-represented and minority groups in an inclusive way
  • And we will consciously ensure inclusivity in everything we do.

  • Our colleagues’ differences will create diversity of thinking which will foster greater innovation and will reflect our communities
  • We will use a network of teams to ensure we use everyone’s knowledge and expertise
  • Volunteering and work experience programmes will create diverse experiences
  • We will ensure everyone is respected
  • We will build partnerships where they support inclusivity
  • And we will attract and retain diverse talent across all levels of the business.