About us

Business efficiency

We believe that everyone should have a home, and by driving a commercial approach and a focus on efficiency we are maximising our ability to deliver our strategy. The profits we make are reinvested back into our business to build more homes, improve existing ones, and undertake our corporate social responsibility work through the Aster Foundation.


Value for Money

We strive to achieve real value for money for our customers, lenders and communities. How we are making the most of every pound we spend is explained in our annual Aster Group Value for Money Self Assessment reports. 

(From 2019/20 onwards Aster’s VFM report can be found in the group’s annual report and accounts. Aster no longer produce a standalone VFM report.)


Innovation and improvement

All of our colleagues are encouraged and supported to identify new ways of working, innovative approaches and new processes, which will help us become even more efficient. We have a dedicated Business Improvement Team, which is responsible for making sure we identify opportunities to increase value and minimise waste.

We do this through undertaking LEAN reviews, carried out by in-house teams. Download our Aster Group Value for money statement 2015/16 to find out more about our business efficiency approach and how we are achieving value for money.


We have a well-established asset management strategy in place that ensures the delivery of targeted stock investment through a dynamic asset management approach. The asset management strategy is delivered through key initiatives that support us to achieve our purpose that everyone has a home.

One of our initiatives is to review our housing portfolio by assessing the performance of our assets. These assessments identify a small number of poorly performing properties that are considered old, have low energy ratings, are expensive to maintain and therefore are no longer economical for us to own. These properties are sold on the open market and the money from these sales is reinvested to provide better quality homes for our customers.

By selling poorly performing properties we can continue to build sustainable homes. Selling just one of these properties means we can build two new homes; this means instead of housing one family, we can house more families in better quality and energy-efficient homes.

Selling some of our underperforming properties to build modern homes for our customers supports our commitment as a developer and landlord with a social purpose. It helps us to operate more effectively and ultimately provides more people with the opportunity to live in a good quality home they can afford.