Carrying out improvements and alterations

If you would like to carry out improvements or alterations to your property please contact us for advice about what permission you may need to obtain from us before proceeding.

A formal request in writing should be submitted detailing the work you are proposing. If your proposal is reasonable we will grant permission on the condition that the work is carried out at your own expense by a competent builder. You may also need to contact the local authority in case planning consent is required by them.

We do charge an administration fee for dealing with any alteration and permission requests. 

It may be necessary for one or our surveyors to come and inspect the property before you start work and again when works are completed. We have to be sure that any works do not adversely affect any communal areas or breach any fire safety or health and safety regulations.

Alterations and improvements would include such items as Stairlifts, Through Floor lifts, kitchen and bathroom improvements and structural work.

Please contact us further details.