CCTV in your home guide

We understand CCTV systems or image recording devices, such as video doorbells, can help you feel safe as well as protect your belongings and home.

If you choose to install domestic CCTV or are gifted a camera from Aster for monitoring purposes, you are responsible for complying with Data Protection Legislation and we recommend you read the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidance on Domestic CCTV systems at:

You must consider the privacy of others whilst installing and maintaining the device and to help you with this we have put together the below considerations. Ask yourself:

  • Are there other things I could do before installing CCTV that would improve security?
  • Where is the best place to install my CCTV without intruding on my neighbours’ property, shared or public spaces?
  • Have I spoken with my neighbours and regular visitors to explain why I am considering CCTV and listen to any of their thoughts and concerns?
  • What, is the most privacy-friendly way I can set up the system? For example, is live feed enough, rather than recording images? Do I need audio recording, and can I turn this off? (Audio recording is very privacy-intrusive).

We strongly advise you only capture images within your domestic property boundary as capturing any areas outside of this e.g. footpaths and car parks, are subject to Data Protection Legislation and you may risk legal action if you are not following the above ICO guidance, or found to be committing an invasion of someone else’s privacy rights. Reviewing the above ICO guidance will help ensure you respect and uphold the data protection rights of the individuals whose images you capture.

You do not need to seek specific permission from Aster to install domestic CCTV however permission is required for any alterations you need to make to your home or garage for example any alteration that requires an electrical installation certificate. Please contact the Home Improvement Team via email at or call 0333 400 8222

As your landlord, Aster, reserve the right to ask you to move or remove your domestic CCTV system if we are concerned you are not following your legal obligations under Data Protection Legislation, or we receive legitimate complaints from others regarding your domestic CCTV system. Any serious concerns or repeated complaints could be reported to the ICO.

For further advice please refer to the ICO website,