Condensation and mould

Condensation and mould can be a problem during the colder months of the year. To help you to minimise condensation and mould in your home this winter take a look at the tips below: 

    • Dry your washing outside when you can; if you have to dry your washing inside use a clothes airer and keep the door closed and window open.
    • Make sure rooms are always well ventilated – keep vents on UPVC windows open. Or open your windows briefly each day.
    • Always use extractor fans in the bathroom and kitchen when bathing or cooking.
    • Ensure your home is at a constant warm temperature.

If you notice dark or discoloured areas on the walls or ceiling in your home which have a 'tide mark', this could be a sign of damp which will require further investigation.

For more information on preventing damp, condensation and mould visit the Centre of Sustainable Energy’s website.