Have you ever dreamed of buying a home, but felt like it was out of reach? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are unable to save enough for a deposit, or to afford the monthly mortgage payments on an open market property. That’s why shared ownership could be a great option for you - It allows you to buy a share of a property and pay rent on the rest, making it more affordable.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with one of Aster’s shared ownership buyers, Rachel, to discuss her journey with shared ownership, how it enabled her and her partner, Mike, to join the property ladder and provided them with independence and freedom. Rachel shared that she had always lived in her family home in the lovely Dorset town of Weymouth, and how she and Mike, were ready to take a step onto the property ladder together. We spoke about Rachels previous knowledge of shared ownership, how her life has changed in her new home and what it means to them. This is a story that I know many people will find relatable and inspiring and wanted to share this with you.


Why did you choose shared ownership?

We didn’t have enough savings for a large deposit, and the monthly mortgage payments were too high for our budget. That’s when we discovered shared ownership. I didn’t know much about it until the house I now live in came up! I just knew it was part rent part mortgage.

How has shared ownership changed your life?

Having my own space has allowed me to become more independent and to be able to make my own house into a home. Having moved into my own home from my parents I am now more independent and have learnt how to manage bills, cook my meals, become more cautious of everyday tasks and needs.

What does home mean to you?

Home is my happy place where I feel safe and relaxed. As well as having somewhere I can decorate to my style.

How have you made your house your home since moving in?

We decided to leave our home with the same white paint however we have added lots of pictures and decorations to make the house more personal to us. In our garden we have made a few changes and are very much in love with it.  We have some garden inspo and tips here.

Oh, and my dad and partner changed our bedroom cupboard into a walk-in wardrobe!! One of my favourite parts of the house!

What room/feature is your favourite part of your home?

We absolutely love our lounge/diner with the patio doors!

What are your future plans for your shared ownership home?

My partner and I definitely want to staircase as and when the time is right! We weren’t aware we could do this before purchasing our home and it is definitely going to help us a lot.


Staircasing is the term used to describe buying more shares in your home. The easiest way to remember what shared ownership staircasing is, is to think of the property ladder. Staircasing helps you to move up the property ladder by slowly increasing the shares that you have bought in your home. Staircasing allows you to purchase a greater number of shares in your property over time – if you want to. You can find out more details on staircasing and how it works here.

Would you recommend shared ownership to others?

Yes! Not much else to say! Really pleased!!

Shared ownership is more affordable, we had no complications, helps you get into the ladder even if you can’t quite afford a house outright!

I think it’s easy for people to potentially put you down about shared ownership homes, however our home is perfect and without the scheme we would still be living with our parents so it’s definitely a great opportunity. If you’re struggling buying a home outright, then shared ownership is perfect!

It’s just a really great scheme particularly to help those like me and my partner who are young and trying to buy their first home.


For Rachel, shared ownership has gone from the unknown to something that has changed their life massively. If you want to learn more about shared ownership, reach out to one of our team and we will be happy to answer any questions!