So, we’ve given you our top tips on cleaning and gone all Mrs Hinch on you, but now everything is sparkly clean…it is time for a shuffle round, declutter and just a good old-fashioned sort out! 

Fold those clothes!

Maybe that bedroom drawer stuffed full of clothes is looking a bit out of control – you know what we mean, that moment when you go to find a top to wear, only to find it’s a crumpled mess. We’ve all been there. No judgement!

There’s a nice little hack for this one – fold your clothes into one long strip, then fold into half and then into thirds, making a square that you can sit upright in your drawer. This works on pretty much any clothing. Takes up less space and so much easier to get your hands on that item of clothing that you would be otherwise rooting around trying to find!

Do you need it?

Like a lot of us, do you hold on to items of clothing, or items in general because you can’t bear to throw it away. That ‘I better keep it, JUST in case’ feeling. Time to streamline and get ruthless people! Take a look at the item in question and does it really and truly make you happy?! If it doesn’t – time for a trip to the charity shop to make someone else happy – as after all, you only need to be surrounded by things that make you smile right?

If you used it, put it back

A simple little principle here to keep the house tidy. ‘If you use it, put it back’ In simple terms, put things back in its place or home. No more piles of bits and pieces around the house – and you know exactly where to find what you are looking for when you actually need it! Simples!

Kids toys in the way?

If the cheeky little monkeys have toy boxes full of toys. Follow this simple rule. Have they played with the toy in a while? If the answer’s no, put it to one side. If little one doesn’t notice it’s gone after a couple of weeks – down the charity shop it goes. Less toys = more space. Winning!

Bedding chaos

Are you guilty of having mounds of bedding, and not really knowing where the matching pillow cases are within the mountainous pile? Fear not, this one’s easy. Just pop the bedding sheets all together into the pillowcase – almost making it a bedding bag. So, when it’s time to make the bed, grab the pillowcase and off you go – armed with all your matching bedding gear!

So, there we have it – a few tips and tricks to help simplify and declutter your home. Maybe you’ve got some hints and ideas to share? Why not tweet us with your suggestions? Sharing’s caring right? @Sales_Aster.

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