So, for those who are housework-challenged, here is a breakdown of our daily, weekly and monthly rota suggestions to keep your home spick and span:


  • Make the beds – the earlier in the morning you can do this, the better
  • Clean the dishes – after every meal
  • Hoover – at the end of the day
  • Wipe down bathrooms – don’t let the grime build up
  • Tidy living areas – clutter free means stress free
  • Empty the bin – Banish bad smells from your kitchen


  • Dust – depending on the area you live, you may need to dust more regularly
  • Laundry – two loads for whites and colours
  • Deep clean bathroom – let your bathroom shine every week
  • Deep clean worktops – use a good detergent and disinfect to keep germs at bay


  • Clean windows – keep your room with a view
  • Deep clean carpets – freshen your living space
  • Clean the oven – never let dirt build up in your oven
  • Declutter rooms – keep a clutter free, stress free living space
  • Clean and tidy under beds – it’s amazing what you can find under your bed every month


If you follow our simple guide, you should be able to take control of your housework and stop it from controlling you.

Many congratulations on your new home!

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