Congratulations! You’ve found your perfect Shared Ownership home. You’ve just moved in. You love the place - every room. And so, you want to make sure you make the best use of the space in every room. 

It’s a well-known fact that disorganised rooms can negatively affect your brain and cause stress. Clutter can distract you and take your attention away from what’s most important. 

So, start as you mean to go on in your new home. Read our inspiring room-by-room storage ideas to maximise your space and stay clutter free. 


Put a set of drawers in the bathroom to stop ‘clutter clogging’ in other rooms, as well as the bathroom. Make it your go-to drawer for all those loose bits and bobs. Kiln jars are great storage ideas too and can look pretty in the bathroom – depending on what you put in the jars, of course. 

Utility room 

Banish that unsightly ironing board from your utility area. Put it in a spare cupboard in the house, such as under the stairs. Shelf brackets are perfect for hanging ironing boards on. Next, create some high shelves in your utility area for storing your washing products and other household detergents. ‘High up’ shelving is child-friendly too! 


Don’t have room for an extra wardrobe in your bedroom? Got a spare cupboard in there? Why not buy a clothes pole, fix it in the cupboard, and hang your extra clothes on it? This is a space-saving gem. You can also buy a shoe rack and pop that in the cupboard-cum-wardrobe too. 


There’s nothing quite like shelves for expanding the surface area of your room. But as an alternative, why not try hanging a pegboard in your kitchen? You can hang all your favourite utensils on there. Hanging planters is another great space saver – perfect for storing garlic and other attractive fruit and veg and freeing up your counter space. 

Living room 

It sounds obvious, but while sofas can look great in the centre of your living room, pushing them into walls, corners and closer to your other furniture is a great way to make space. If you’re buying a new sofa for your new home, consider one with storage space underneath. Plus choose coffee tables that double up as storage space with drawers and cupboards. 

Happy space saving and happy new home! 

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