Moving home can be one of the most stressful life events a person can go through. So, never leave the big move to chance. Organisation is essential. With a bit of forward planning, you can make the process easier and even enjoyable. Let us show you 8 ways how.

1. Boxes

Think boxes, boxes, boxes! You’ll need a good mix of different sizes and types – medium, large, heavy duty and wardrobe boxes. Why not visit your local supermarket to find out if they have any spare? Remember, the heavier the item, the smaller the box you need.

2. Wrapping

As well as boxes, you’ll need packing tape, bubble wrap, old newspapers, and stretch wrap for furniture, plus marker pens and labels. Oh, and you can also wrap breakable items in clothing, towels and bedding to save on bubble wrap.

3. Labels

Here’s a colourful idea: Colour code your boxes to specific rooms, using coloured labels, stickers or marker pens. Simply stick them to the side of the boxes, so you can tell what should go where on the big day. You’ll thank yourself when you’re moving in and unpacking!

4. Pack early

Whatever you do, never leave packing until the last minute. For a large house, start packing two months in advance, one box a day. For smaller homes, one month should give you plenty of time to pack your items without stressful time constraints.

5. Moving help

You can find house moving kits for different kinds of properties, For houses, for one-bedroom flats, and so on. Another option is to book a professional moving company. They can either drop off their own boxes, so you can pack at your leisure, or they will do all the packing for you.

6. Declutter

 Moving is the ideal time to get rid of those items you no longer use anymore. The books you no longer read. The clothes you no longer wear. The ornament that’s been packed away for years. Why not find out about any local car boot sales, give to charity, or open an Ebay account?

7. First night

You’ll thank yourself for packing a bag containing all you need for your first night. A few essentials might include: toothbrush and toothpaste, nightwear and spare undies, deodorant, soap, moisturiser and shampoo, phone charger. Oh, and headache tablets too. Remember to never pack away those meds you may need.

8. Electronic wires

Take a picture of how your electronic wires, such as your TV and DVD player, are connected before unplugging them so you can remember how to plug them back in. It means you can relax in the front of the TV after your first day of moving.

So, there you have it, 8 great ways to take the stress out of your move. We wish you all the best for the big day and your new life in your new home!

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