We wanted to share with you the inspiring story of a wonderful lady who has been able to secure a beautiful home for herself and her two teenagers. 

Meet Laura, a 41-year-old self-employed mum who recently went through a divorce and had to sell her marital home after living in it for almost 20 years. Due to Covid, her borrowing capabilities were affected, and she found it difficult to buy a suitable house with her single income. Private renting was also not a viable option due to high costs.

Determined to find a solution, Laura researched different options and discovered shared ownership. Having worked as a mortgage adviser in the past, she was familiar with the concept and decided to explore it further. Shared ownership offered Laura the best of both worlds, enabling her to buy a new home with a deposit she had saved up whilst also being able to purchase shares in the future if she wanted to.

After researching different shared ownership providers, Laura came across our details and was impressed with the communication she received from our sales team and the simple application process. With the help of Aster's suggested solicitors, she was able to complete the process smoothly and efficiently.

Now settled in her new home, Laura is delighted to have a safe and comfortable place to call her own. She loves the clean aesthetic of her new build home and has already started making it her own, jazzing up the downstairs toilet and installing an integrated dishwasher - an absolute must with two teenagers! Her favourite feature is the bright, airy kitchen diner, which leads out to a lovely south-facing garden.

One thing Laura has learned is that buying a new build home does come with some expenses that you may overlook. She recommends budgeting for essentials like curtain poles, toilet roll holders, and other small items that can quickly add up. We’ve more suggestions on things you may like to buy for your new home here.

Laura's long-term plan is to save up to purchase more shares in her home. However, for now, she is enjoying the financial freedom that comes with buying her own home and being able to treat her children to holidays. Having previously paid expensive private rent for two years, Laura is thrilled to be better off financially and to have a sense of security for her and her children's future.

Shared ownership has truly been a game-changer for Laura and her family, giving them a stable home and the freedom to enjoy life. If you're in a similar situation and are struggling to buy a home, we hope Laura's story has inspired you to consider shared ownership as a potential viable option for you.