In a world where we are all trying to be more green and eco-friendly, you may be thinking of ways that you can re-use any redundant cardboard boxes, wrapping paper & cards this Christmas.

Here are some little tips from our Marketing Officer Jodie.

1-      Use any leftover boxes as storage, especially if you are moving in 2022, these boxes will come in super handy! As boxes come in all shapes and sizes, you may be able to flatten them or stack them for the time being, to reduce the amount of space they take up.

2-      Save the wrapping paper for keeping your delicate/precious items safe. You can wrap the paper around anything breakable to help stop any unwanted accidents. Or you can use reuse the wrapping paper if it isn’t too creased or ripped for other gifts and if it isn’t too Christmassy you can use this on the gifts you give throughout the year


3-      Re-use the cards you’ve been given! You can make your own personalised ones by using these cards. If you have children, this is a really fun activity for them to do & maybe something to do on a rainy weekend! I mean, who doesn’t love personalised cards?! – Plus, they are great for scrapbooking too!

4-      If you are anything like me, you will have over-ordered on your Christmas food shop, why not take the food you know you will not eat to a local food bank or homeless shelter

 5-      With all of the new things you’ve received this year, you might be thinking you now need a clear-out. Giving these items to local charity shops is a great way to re-cycle these things & help out some great causes! 

6-      And finally, local animal shelters, kennels, and rescues are always on the lookout for blankets, duvets, cushions, sheets & small mattresses for their residents. So if you are planning a change of décor/new bed/ new sofa in 2022, this is a lovely way of giving some comfort to our furry friends.


I would love for you to share your recycle, reuse, and re-gift ideas, pop over to my Twitter page @jodie_Aster, and share your knowledge with me!