At Aster we believe everyone should have a home and we pride ourselves on helping people get onto the property ladder. Shared ownership can be an affordable home buying solution that is life changing for some of our customers.

Pat and his family recently moved into their Aster shared ownership home in Gillingham, Dorset. They explained that “they had heard about the programme in the past, but never looked into it thinking it wasn’t the best idea,” however after contacting Aster and finding out more information about shared ownership and its benefits, they decided that it was the best scheme for them to get onto the property ladder.

Pat thinks that it’s important to share their story with other people, so that more people are aware of the scheme as it “could make their dream of owning their own house come true,” as it did for their family. It goes without saying that getting onto the property ladder is not simple by any means, and for Pat it took “a lot of hard work and determination to be financially ready, but it was well worth it, and it wouldn’t have been possible to have a new, lovely home without shared ownership.”

The family are over the moon with their new home, they explain that the whole development is a lovely area to live and that “It's almost like a peaceful oasis in the jungle, the house looks fabulous inside and out, I’m really proud of it.”

They have exclaimed their thanks to Nicci Stone, the sales negotiator who helped them along their shared ownership journey and to everyone at Aster and The Mortgage People for making their dream come true: “Nicci I really want to thank you again for helping us with this house! Thanks to you and other friendly souls at Aster and lovely people at TMP, my family finally have a beautiful, lovely home. Something I thought would never happen.”

Nicci StoneNicci Stone, sales negotiator at Aster Sales, has said: “The delight of helping buyers achieve their dream never leaves me. It was my absolute pleasure to work with Pat and his family along on their shared ownership journey.”

On behalf of everyone at Aster, we want to wish Pat and his family good luck for the future and are overjoyed that we were able to help them achieve their goal of having a home to call their own.