Working from home isn’t a new thing for Aster Sales, many of us have been doing it for years along with having flexibility around our working schedule, we really do have access to a great work/life balance.

But working from home was in danger of turning me into a bit of a slob, the joy of being able to sit on the sofa in my PJ’s on a rainy Tuesday morning whilst still being able to do my job was brilliant. Until everyday became that ‘rainy Tuesday morning’. After a very short time I had gone from getting up at 6:30am jumping in the shower, washing my hair, making sure my hair and make-up was just right, ironing my clothes and going into an office looking smart, to rolling out of bed at 8am, forgetting when I’d last washed my hair, having my PJs as my work uniform and I couldn’t even remember what make-up was!!

After a few weeks of working from home it was time for a change…

With my almost slob lifestyle came a slower working pace. The novelty of spending all day on the sofa soon became old very quickly. I didn’t feel that I had a separate work and home space and that needed to change.

First things first – I needed a morning routine:

7:15 – Alarm

7:30 – Shower

8:00 – Breakfast and Coffee

8:30 – Log on

With a simple routine and getting dressed put my mind in a better place.

My next task was creating a dedicated home working space. Living with my parents (see my last blog) I obviously couldn’t just start moving things and changing rooms. The spare room in our house is a guest room, so we had decided to take out the bedside table and put a desk in. This meant that I had a room I could set up with my work bits and I felt in work mode when I was in there. 

Next up, I needed a new work uniform, obviously I wasn’t going to dress up to sit in the next room, so I decided to buy a couple of pairs of leggings, t-shirts and jumpers and allocated these as my ‘work clothes’.

The difference these 3 simple changes made to my work style was huge!

Now a morning or afternoon working on the sofa feels like a real treat.

Sometimes working from home alone is a struggle, sometimes my motivation is low but we are lucky that we have Skype and Teams, so we can interact with our teams remotely. A little pep talk from a colleague is usually enough to spark my mojo back up! Sometimes however this isn’t enough and I need to take some time for me. This could be a cuppa in a different room, a walk outside or simply preparing dinner. That short time away from my laptop really does regenerate me!

Here are my top tips for working from home

  • Create a morning routine
  • Plan for your working day
  • Make sure you have a start time a lunch break and a finish time – Check out this great way to jazz up your beans if you fancy something different for lunch.
  • Take time for you – here is a fab blog about taking some time for you.
  • Know that it is ok to be less productive sometimes as you will have days where you will absolutely power through.


If you are finding the juggle between work and home schooling tough at the moment our #SavvyWorkingMum Gemma has some amazing tips for you – click here to take a look.

I would love to know if you have any other tips or changes you have made to make working from home the perfect workplace for you.