Thinking of living in an apartment, but not sure if it’s right for you? Well, never fear, because we’re going to be looking at all the great benefits apartment living provides. Then, you’ll know exactly what you can look forward to.

It’s usually cheaper

Unless you’re planning on buying a penthouse apartment, in most cases it’s safe to say that apartments are cheaper to buy than houses. Assuming you’re comparing like-for-like locations. Which means a smaller deposit to save, and, once you’ve moved in, usually a smaller mortgage.

As apartments typically cost less, this could mean that you could afford a property in a location where high house prices meant you wouldn’t have even entertained living in your preferred area.

Then, there are usually lower energy bills than you’d get when heating a house, along with lower council tax payments.

You feel more secure

One reason people prefer apartment life is that they feel more secure have others around them. Also, there is usually a secure entrance into the apartment block so only residents can gain entry. You may also find that some apartment complexes benefit from having security cameras.

All of this contribute to why people living alone, families with children and the elderly find that living in an apartment gives added peace of mind and that additional sense of security.

You’re part of a community

Obviously, as a house buyer you can play a part in the local community. But apartments are different as they are their own mini community with more opportunities to meet and interact with neighbours within your apartment block.

They tend to create a community feel thanks to closer proximity and greater chances of bumping into neighbours who then become friends. Especially if your apartment benefits from having communal areas such as a gym or garden.

You get more time

Now, here’s a benefit you might not have considered. You’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy. Why? Well, because as an apartment buyer you don’t have to do all those little jobs like maintaining the garden. This then means more time to see friends and family as well as follow hobbies and interests.

Always have a parking space

You may also find that some older properties are short on car parking spaces, which can mean off street parking. This can make finding a space for your car a bit of a lottery. One that could mean having to leave your car a good distance from your home. This can be a headache for the elderly, those with young children or if you’re coming home after doing the weekly ‘big shop’.

With an apartment you can usually look forward to your own allocated parking spot. So, no having to keep your fingers crossed that you’ll be able to find somewhere to park.

So, is an apartment for you?

As we’ve seen, there are lots of benefits to buying an apartment. Some of which you might not have contemplated. We hope that by knowing them will help you decide if an apartment is for you. Why not take a look at our apartments available at Maple Walk in Liphook or at Whiteley Meadows in Whiteley