The summer to autumn switch over is a great time to give your home a mini makeover. You can go as all out as you feel, or just switch over some accessories to give home the cosy autumn feel. If you are unsure on how much or what to do, I have some tips - or check out our Pinterest for some home decor inspiration.

First off, this is a great time to have a deeper clean for the new season. Move the furniture out and have a quick spruce. It’s time to pack away any summer décor; switch floral displays for candles, get the throws out and get cosy.

Rich and deep colour tones work well for autumn, from hints of colour to a feature wall (just don’t forget to think about how it might look and feel next summer). Also be aware of your space - will it make the room feel dark?

Pastels are having a moment this autumn 2021, so why not try mixing these pastels to get an ultra-modern look. This will work well any season too, so there’s no need to worry about changing back when spring comes around.

 Neutrals are also a hit this autumn, so have a play around with all of the different neutral shades. Not only will it give the room a clean, eco-friendly feel, but it’s also another good one for all seasons! 

 If you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, you can add some botanicals or a floral feature into your autumn look. House plants have been a huge hit over the last few seasons, and they are a perfect way to bring summer inside. Feature florals or just floral accents will also pick up on this trend if a wallpaper design is to OTT for you or your space. 

 How do you embrace the seasons? Let us know your changes.