Selling your home

Your Shared Ownership Property

If you are enquiring about selling your Aster Shared Ownership property it would be good for us to understand the reasons why? We should be able help you with your next move. Here are a few things you may want to know.

The nomination period

In accordance with your lease, the nomination period is 8 weeks and our resale fee payable on completion is 1.5% plus VAT. We have produced a 5 step process to selling your home through us, you can find this by clicking here or using the navigation menu above. We work in partnership with Move With Us who support us in making the sale of your home as easy as possible.

Ready to sell

After having a look at the content on our website and then deciding that you want to proceed further, please can you complete the ‘Intention To Sell’ form by clicking here or using the navigation menu above. From there, we can then start the process of selling your home.

Here to help

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at any point.

Our 5 Step Process

  • Step 1: Property Appraisal

    We work with our partners “Move With Us” who will arrange a market appraisal on your behalf. When you’re ready to proceed with your sale, simply click here and complete the Intention To Sell form. We will instruct Move With Us to contact you directly to arrange everything once we have this back.

    Agent Survey

    We’ll arrange for 2 local Estate Agents to survey and photograph your property.

    Market Appraisal

    You’ll receive a full market appraisal, detailing the recommended sale price for your share of the property.

    Energy Performance Certificate

    If you don’t already have one, Move With Us can arrange an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property. It says how energy efficient it is and is a legal requirement.

  • Step 2: Instruction To Sell

    Once the share price has been confirmed and you decide to proceed, Move with Us will provide us with all the information required to market your property throughout the nomination period.

    Marketing Your Property

    As per our standard lease terms, Aster will market your property exclusively throughout the nomination period and hope to find a buyer for your home.

    Administration Fee

    We charge an administration fee, which covers marketing, finding eligible buyers and progressing the sale to completion.

    The fee is normally 1.5% (plus VAT) of the value of your share of the property and is payable on completion. A list of other costs associated with the selling process is included in this guide.

  • Step 3: Finding A Buyer*

    Once we’ve received a notice of intention to sell form from Move With Us, as well as the EPC, we’ll begin to market your property.

    Marketing Your Property

    We’ll market your property on, Help to Buy and Zoopla websites.

    Buyer Affordability Assessment

    Buyers need to be registered with the local Help to Buy agent. They also need to pass an affordability assessment which we arrange.

    Arrange Viewings

    We’ll liaise with you to arrange viewings of your property with any potential buyers – which you’ll be required to carry out.

    Property Reservation

    The buyer is required to pay a £250 reservation fee and also provide us with their solicitors details so we can start progressing with the property sale.

    *If several buyers are interested we’ll prioritise in order of housing need.

  • Step 4: Progressing The Sale

    Once the reservation fee and solicitors details are received, we’ll send sales instructions to yours and your buyers solicitor.

    Solicitors Instructed

    We’ll progress the transaction and liaise with all parties through to legal exchange and completion. We’ll provide you with regular updates throughout.


    The exchange and completion typically takes between 12 and 16 weeks. Before exchange of contracts, we may require a valuation to be carried out by a RIC’s accredited surveyor.*

    Rent & Service Charges

    Rent and service charges are payable up to the date of completion. We calculate the amount required (including any arrears where applicable). Your solicitor will arrange payment on completion along with our administration fee.

    Handover Of Keys

    Liaise with your solicitor or the buyer to hand over keys and permits on final completion. Once legally completed, make sure you instruct your bank to cancel your direct debits and also notify us of a forwarding address.

    *Please refer to the FAQs for more information.

  • Step 5: Not Sold In Nomination

    If we haven’t found a buyer within the nomination period, MWU are happy to proceed with the sale and will become your main point of contact. They will instruct two local estate agents to find you a buyer. It is possible to sell 100% of your home at this stage, in most cases.

    Move With Us:

    MWU Sales Fee:

    1.5% plus VAT (selling outside of the nomination period)

    Aster Admin Fee:

    £400 plus VAT

    You will also have the following choices:


    Continue marketing with Aster

    Aster Admin Fee:

    1.5% plus VAT

    Estate Agent:

    Market with a local Estate Agent

    Estate Agent Fee:

    Refer to chosen Agent

    Aster Admin Fee:

    £400 plus VAT

Top Tips


Keep surfaces clean and clear of appliances, jars, etc. Put things you don’t really use in the attic or in storage. This will make rooms feel bigger.


A fresh coat of neutral paint and a “spring clean” throughout will do wonders to smarten up a tired looking home.


Time spent making your home sparkle will be time well spent; Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, which need to be inviting and hygienic.


You’ll want the house to appeal to as many people as possible. Don’t smoke or cook before viewings and turn the lights and heating on. If you’ve got parking, leave space free for the buyer.


Guide viewers around the property first. Showing the best rooms first or last. Highlight the positive points, like a south-facing garden or convenient parking. Then invite viewers to take another tour round the property on their own, but be on hand to answer queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is my nomination period?

    This is the length of time that Aster Group exclusively have to nominate a buyer for your property and is usually around 8 weeks. This information can be found in your lease, but will be confirmed by us once we have your Intention to Sell info complete.

  • What service is provided for the sale fee?

    The 1.5% (plus VAT) selling fee is only payable if Aster finds a purchaser, and covers the costs of marketing your property. The fee also covers the costs of the following:

    • Full market appraisal
    • Production of marketing material
    • All marketing including sending mailshots, advertising on website portals, processing buyer enquiries
    • Nomination & Financial Assessment
    • Administration including responding to landlord enquiries and updating company records
    • Liaising with your solicitor, the buyers and buyers solicitor to progress the sale through to completion
  • Why do I have to have a RIC’s valuation done?

    The terms within your shared ownership lease state that a valuation must be carried out by a RIC’s qualified surveyor and that the property cannot be sold for more than the value of this survey. In most cases we will be able to use your buyers mortgage valuation, but if this is not possible for any reason you will need to arrange this.

  • Why do I need an EPC?

    It is a legal requirement that you have a valid EPC before your home is marketed for sale. They are valid for 10 years and if you received an EPC when you bought your home it could still be valid.

  • Can I sell 100% of the property?

    If we are unable to find a buyer within the nomination period, in most cases you will then be able to market the full 100% on the open market. Aster will receive their share of the sale price of the property on completion of the sale. Please note that higher legal costs may apply and there could be a stamp duty liability. Please seek advice from you solicitor.

  • I have found a property that I would like to buy, how do I proceed?

    Before looking for a new property your current property should be under offer to avoid disappointment. Aster will make every attempt to sell your share as soon as possible however we cannot confirm the time it will take to nominate a buyer.

Costs Involved

Energy Performance Certificate

From £65 (plus VAT), payable up front to MWU on completion

RIC’s Valuation Fee

£210 - 270 (plus VAT), payable up front to MWU

Your Legal Fees

Obtain quotes/fixed fee before instruction your solicitor

Aster Selling Fee

Usually 1.5% (plus VAT) of your share of the property (if sold by Aster)

Aster Administration Fee

£400 (plus VAT), if sold by MWU or external agent

Selling Your Home


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