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Inspiring Independence every day

Connected living have over 50 years’ experience in delivering technology-enabled care to over 10,000 customers nationally to provide reassurance and independence every day by using wearable solutions.

Connected Living are proud to have achieved the TSA Quality Standards Framework which was awarded at the international technology-enabled care conference in October.  TSA is the representative body for technology-enabled care services, you can find out more here. Connected Living a service you can trust.

Our team

Our team of friendly customer service advisors are on hand Monday – Friday 9 - 4.30 to take your calls on our dedicated line to answer any queries you have, it’s quick and easy.

Our Technicians are all trusted assessor trained and able to install a number of solutions to help you stay in your home with assistance.

What our customers say

“I thought this was the end so stayed on the floor and then realised I wasn’t going to die so pressed my pendant and thankfully help arrive quickly”

Mr K, Dorset

"It’s given me confidence that if I have a fall when I’m in the garden and can’t get up I’ll be able to call for help."

Mr P from Hampshire

"Technician was on time and very helpful and I was very impressed and pleased by the smooth and efficient way in which the whole procedure was carried out"

Mrs D, Trowbridge 

"My mother was able to access help on numerous occasions and was thus able to live more or less independently in her own home until her death. Thank you."

A. Goddard


Mrs Hillier's story

Mrs Hillier is our longest standing customer and has been using our At Home service for over 20 years. We are there to help her continue to be independent in her own home.

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Frequently asked questions

You’ll qualify if you have a disability or a long term illness.

The alarm plugs into your phone line and electricity supply. You can then call for help by pressing your wearable pendant or the button on the alarm unit.

The call handler will know something has happened and call your contacts or the emergency services.

We’ll install urgent alarms within two working days and the rest in five working days.

Yes, all of our technicians carry ID badges and are trusted assessor trained.

Don’t worry, you can still have our solutions installed.  However, we do recommend all our customers to have a keysafe should the emergency services need to gain access.  We do sell Police Approved keysafes but you don’t have to buy one for us.

We can supply a digital solution which will work using a roaming mobile SIM.  It works the same way as our At Home alarm and is monitored by our monitoring partner.

If you would like to have an alarm connected to your telephone line, then this will need to be working and you will need to have an electric socket nearby.  Our digital solutions can be located anywhere in your property although ideally near a window and it will also need an electrical socket nearby.

Yes you can.  We have several alternative devices that can alert you by either flashing lights or by vibrating.  These devices can be worn around the wrist, on your belt or can be put on your table/shelf or fixed to the wall. 

Yes, but the good news is, our contract is for a minimum period of one month, and that is it, so you mustn’t worry about being stuck in a contract that you can’t get out of.  We have no hidden agenda’s, we pride ourselves on being upfront and honest. We ask you to sign an agreement and information sheet which gives us permission to hold your records securely and confidentially. 

We ask all our customers to pay by direct debit, one month in advance.  This makes it easy for you as you won’t have to worry about paying your bill each month as it is collected automatically.  If you don’t have a bank account, don’t worry, you can call us each month to pay over the phone, you can pay using a payment card or you can pay by invoice.

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