Our strategic plan

The Aster Foundation was created by Aster Group in response to government welfare policy changes in 2016 and increasing inequalities across the UK and Aster communities; also as a way to highlight the additional work carried out by the Group to create social impact in the places which needed it the most.

The Foundation operated as a department within Aster for nearly three years and within this time has positively impacted thousands of people.

Becoming a charitable entity in 2022 allows us to amplify our impact further, enabling the better lives of at least 40’000 people by 2030.

The Aster Foundation supports Aster Groups' vision of ‘everyone has a home’ by creating impact programmes which enable people to sustain those homes when life challenges get in the way; whilst also addressing the root of the challenges through inc. and our influencing programme.

The Aster Foundation operates across the areas of Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Sussex, Dorset, Devon & Cornwall, Wiltshire and London; although we will work with authentic talent across the UK who wish to create a positive impact across our communities.

Our priorities until 2030:

The Aster Foundation currently delivers impact programmes which enable better lives whilst also addressing root cause of social challenges through our innovative social incubator, inc. and our influencing programme.

Financial Wellbeing

We are helping people to have a healthier relationship with money through providing practical guidance and emergency support


We are helping those who are out of work to increase their confidence and skills and to connect them with their purpose

Mental wellness and resilience

We are working with businesses, colleagues and our communities to train and educate people on mental wellness and resilience.


We are committed to helping those who are homeless to have and keep a home of their own.

Aster V.I.P

We are connecting our communities with volunteers, so they have the skills and resources they need to thrive.

Ageing Well (Age 55+)

We are making a difference to the lives of isolated older people through initiatives such as telephone befriending.


We are helping to unlock our communities' potential through inc.ademy by developing the entrepreneurial capabilities of around 225 people per year.


We are building businesses to change the world through our social incubator, inc.

Influencing social change

We are listening to people across communities and giving them a voice to influence social change.