What is Social Impact?

Our vision is to ‘enable better lives’ and we only know where we should focus our efforts, and if we are doing what we aspire to, through our use and analysis of data or insight. Data and insight are such important tools in the Foundation and we have a fantastic team of people whose role it is to tell our story in many ways including through:

• Feedback we get from you, our beneficiaries
• Showing progress against the goals we set through our ‘impact reports’
• Talking about what is happening in the local and national context – and how this may affect how we work
• Research, using your voices across social issues which matter to you


Your opinion matters!

We like to know if we are doing a good job or if we can do anything to improve your experience of the programmes we provide.

You feeling valued, comfortable and safe whilst you access support is a priority for us; and we only know if we are doing a good job if you share your experience of how you found things.

We may even ask if you are comfortable sharing your story (this can be anonymous) to help to encourage others to ask for support when they need it – our aim is to enable better lives and you play a big role within this.


Understanding and Measuring Our Impact:

Our Social Impact team works across all of our programmes creating a way to define, measure and understand the difference we make through across the communities we work across. We develop ways to gather and analyse data and information that captures our social impact and ensures what we do is transparent and available to all through the impact reports we share and even workshops you can attend.

We lead reviews across the Aster Foundation, providing recommendations to constantly improve what we do and how we do and how we do it. With our focus being that of enabling the Foundation to support more people. We try to apply an analytical mindset to decision making that shapes the future of the Aster Foundation so we can meet our ambition of increasing the positive impact in our communities.


Thought Leadership – Giving you a voice to make change:

We undertake research that supports our vision to enable better lives. We do this because we believe there is no one better to suggest positive changes which could be made to improve the social challenges which exist, than those which face them and live with them every single day.

We want to empower the people across our communities to shape and influence society and policy in a positive way; and so work in partnership with academic, financial and other organisations to highlight areas which need work and to use your opinions and collective voice to suggest ways things could improve. Our ambition is to use your voices across the things which really matter to us and to you to make a difference.


Our Offer to Community Partners:

We love data and measuring impact but we understand not every organisation has the resources or ability to do so. We are always looking to work with community partners and organisations that align with our priorities to help them measure their impact and to work collaboratively to reach and positively impact as many people as possible.
Please do get in touch if you want to discuss some options.

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