Your opinion really matters to us.

We like to know if we are doing a good job or if we can do anything to improve your experience of the programmes we provide.  You feeling valued, comfortable and safe whilst you access support is a priority for us; and we only know if we are doing a good job if you share your experience of how you found things. 

We may even ask if you are comfortable sharing your story (this can be anonymous) to help to encourage others to ask for support when they need it – our aim is to enable better lives and you play a big role within this.

We ask our beneficiaries some questions before and just after they attend one of our training courses. Attendees tell us:

That even attending a 1 hour session can improve their understanding of mental health by 25%
92% go on to help others after attending an Aster Foundation mental health and wellness course
They score the course 9.3 out of 10 for the quality of the training session

3 months after they take the course, we ask how useful the course has been and attendees tell us:

On average, they go on to help another 3 people in our communities after attending a course

“Truly the best course I have ever participated in and I realise now I am not the only person to have these types of feelings! I thought it was just me and I wish I could have known about this 40 years ago.” [Beneficiary]

“Fantastic session, it has highlighted how to be aware of mental health in the community and what to do about it.” [Beneficiary]

“Brilliant course , well presented and explained. Daran gave an insight into mental health using experiences which really helped give a better understanding.” [Beneficiary]

“I think this is the most useful training course I have ever attended. It was well delivered, and extremely relevant.” [Beneficiary]

“The course and content was delivered in such a way it gives you confidence to take this further with a much deeper understanding of the subject.” [Beneficiary]

“Just brilliant, very helpful in keeping my knowledge up to date to help myself and others.” [Beneficiary]

“I found the course really helpful to self-reflect and now I make sure I use the tools I learnt from the course. I knew someone who was struggling and the course help me pick up on things I had learnt.” [Beneficiary]

“Since attending the course, I have encouraged others to talk and be open. People around me have been very grateful for the support and understanding I was able to provide.” [Beneficiary]

“I now feel confident to be able to support both colleagues and family members with any mental health issues. I voluntarily offered support to a colleague which I wouldn’t have done without training.” [Beneficiary]

Mental Wellness and Resilience

Attendees of the inc. syllabus scored content 9.1 out of 10 for how valuable it is to them as a social entrepreneur!

“Being on inc. has made a massive difference. I feel very much supported and my confidence is building. Really proud to be in this social space.”

“Inc has the creativity factor. I genuinely feel supported.”

“I cannot thank inc. enough for all the support they have given me to develop my social business. The personal support that is offer through this program, is what set it apart from other incubators I have been a part of.”

“Being part of the inc. programme has given me access to the resources and support of a much larger organisation and that brings with it experience and opportunities to collaborate. Learning through the syllabus helps me to understand where I can make improvements while also acting as a partner along the journey.”

“This is my first time as a social sustainability entrepreneur, Aster inc. have welcomed me, and given me that extra boost of confidence and positive attitude. With their help and guidance on my journey, will help me succeed.”

“The levels of support on offer through this amazing programme are unlike any I have seen before. Opportunities like this do not come around very often so I would encourage anyone who is at the beginning of their social business journey to go for it!”

“The Aster Inc. programme is incredibly welcoming and has managed to create a really nice and supportive atmosphere for social entrepreneurs, helping them feel less isolated and providing incredible opportunities for connecting with other social entrepreneurs.”


“I found this session a real eye opener into value system and beliefs. I felt safe about sharing my own struggles in a supportive environment.”

“I am in a company of people who care! I no longer need to “walk” “work” alone.”

“Now I understand why some of “those” tasks make me feel exhausted; as if I was trying to fit a square into a round hole. This journey of self-discovery with inc. is fun!”

“As a new social entrepreneur and never having been in business before Aster have helped me, and continue to help me grow as a social innovator.”


Our partner, Reengage, works with us to offer a telephone befriending service to people who in our communities who feel lonely or isolated:

92% of older people say they feel happier after six months of calls.

“Having calls off Helena each week is a godsend. I really do look forward to it. Life's so rubbish and you don't want to admit you're lonely, but when she's gone off the phone I feel uplifted.”

Ageing Well

A selection of feedback we have received through our VIP platform from volunteers who have given their time to causes across our communities:

“I found volunteering really rewarding, it was a brilliant chance to give back and help my local community. It also gave me invaluable experience too.”

“I wanted to help people who were most affected during lockdown. I was able to reassure them that they were not alone, and we were there to support them.”

“I found preparing for and delivering the Inc. session a great challenge and one that I hugely enjoyed. My confidence in my abilities has grown widely and I thank the Aster Foundation for the opportunity.”


A selection of feedback from people who have accessed support through our financial wellbeing impact programme:

“Due to the budgeting advice, we have managed to save for the first time in our life. With this we are planning on getting married which we have never had the money to do before.”

“Once again thank you for your continued support and the referrals you have already done for us. We are blown away by your care.”

“I just want to start off by saying thank you for all of your hard work the last couple of days you really have gone above and beyond for us and I really do appreciate it.”

Financial Wellbeing

A selection of feedback from people who have accessed support through our employment impact programme

“Thank you so much for all your help. Honestly, I'm so excited about being able to return to work now my children are back in school. You have been a massive help with me getting into work.”

“Thank you Aster for the coaching and support with looking for work. I just done a trial shift and loved it. Fingers crossed I'll get the job.”