We undertake research that supports our vision to enable better lives.

We do this because we believe there is no one better to suggest positive changes which could be made to improve the social challenges which exist, than those which face them and live with them every single day. We want to empower the people across our communities to shape and influence society and policy in a positive way; and so work in partnership with academic, financial and other organisations to highlight areas which need work and to use your opinions and collective voice to suggest ways things could improve.

Our ambition is to use your voices across the things which really matter to us and to you to make a difference.

The areas we are interested in carrying out research across are shown below. We focus on these areas because these either impact people’s ability to have a good quality of life or can improve someone’s life:

  •  Mental health and wellness/ wellbeing
  • Unemployment/ employability
  • Financial wellbeing/ exclusion
  • Homelessness
  • Volunteering
  • Social entrepreneurship/ social businesses
  • Ageing well (55+)

Current research

Understanding the barriers to becoming a social entrepreneur

2022, paper available mid 2022

Brief: We run a social incubator which works with social entrepreneurs who want to tackle some of the world’s biggest issues with a focus in our communities.

Our social incubator is doing some really great work but we want to make sure it is delivered in a way which has impact in our communities and we would like your views on how we can maximise this impact. This research focuses on social entrepreneurship, social businesses and social challenges. We want to hear your opinions and potential experiences of social entrepreneurship.

Financial exclusion and the digital divide

2021 – 2022, paper available late 2022

Brief: We live in a digital era and are moving towards a cashless society. Research shows that some people fall within a "digital divide" and some are unfairly treated by the current financial system, this due to their personal circumstance.

We are working with Newcastle University supporting the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and want to give our customers a voice in improving this challenge. We want to understand, in your opinion, how the financial system could improve to be fairer for everyone.

Future Research

If you wish to work with us on one of the above topics, please do get in touch us.

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