Building businesses to change the world

For Carl Randle, sustainable change comes one brick at a time.  His social business, Raw Brick Innovations Ltd creates construction and building products which are made from non-recyclable waste, landfill waste or single use plastics. Now, he’s building his business as part of our inc. class of 20/21.

Carl, an inventor with a passion for sustainability and the environment is hoping his prototype brick will help contribute to the reduction of waste, reducing the need for landfill sites and ease the stresses on recycling centres already in operation.

“There is an increasing awareness and determination to eradicate single use plastic, and my innovation is incredibly relevant to this discussion. The Raw Brick is designed for use in the construction and DIY industries to work in conjunction with products already on the market.”

We’ll be working with Carl to see how some of his work could benefit our own commitment to sustainability.

He’s already had interest from environmental campaigner, Julia Bradbury and is hoping being part of inc. will ensure his vision of a more sustainable future reaches a bigger audience.

 “Being part of the inc. and getting to receive valuable expertise and the experience from mentors is invaluable, I can take steps to follow their advice and have a clear vision on my future. It has given me a louder voice to tell everyone what I have to offer and given me support and confidence.”

You can find out more about Carl and Raw Brick Innovations Ltd here.

Visit the Raw Brick website here


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