Returning to work with inc.

Dhivya Venkatachalam is the founder of Get into Data, a social business aimed at helping people back into work. Now she’s one of our inc. entrepreneurs hoping to take her idea to the next level with the support of our unique ten-month programme.

For many, returning to the workplace after a long period away can be difficult.  Having been in the situation herself, Dhivya knew from first-hand experience that the support available for returning parents, carers or those forced to leave work due to a long illness wasn’t designed to equip them for a return to a meaningful and worthwhile role.

Get into Data is a mentorship, training and internship programme offering a blend of learning and mentoring to upskill and reskill those looking to return to a fulfilling career. The business focusses on filling skilled jobs in the data, cyber and digital industries and offers training to support soft, tech, and interviewing skills.

Having mentored several women back into work, Dhivya knows how valuable a mentor relationship can be. Our class of 20/21 have all been partnered with a successful entrepreneur who will mentor them throughout the programme.

“Inc has been a wonderful experience. What started as a passion project is now a full social enterprise thanks to the wonderful support by inc.”

Dhivya is proud that Get into Data is a female led BAME owned enterprise and was keen to work with an organisation committed to diversity and inclusion.

“The world we know is changing incredibly fast and data is the future. Jobs as early as next year will not look anything like jobs today. Can you imagine what this means to a skilled parent (mostly mums) returning to work and taking up a non-core role at a lower skill level, and what does that mean for gender diversity in an already very poorly represented tech industry. These are the issues Get into Data is looking to address.”

Dhivya is already looking at ways her work can benefit our customers and communities. She has offered free spaces on her training courses for 40 lucky customers who are looking to return to work after long periods away. 

You can find out more about Get into Data and inc. here.

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Dhivya Venkatachala is the founder of Return 2.0, a social business aimed at helping people back into work. Now she’s one of our inc. entrepreneurs