We exist to enable the better lives of the people who live in and around our communities

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to have a safe, fulfilled, and happy life.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on lives and livelihoods around the world. Many countries including the UK have taken unprecedented measures to extend social safety nets for vulnerable groups. These measures although helpful can't be sustained.

We also recognise that the social challenges which we work across pre-date the pandemic, although have widened the inequality gap.

Through using the Acorn segmentation tool (2021), we know nearly half of the neighbourhoods we work across fall into financially stretched categories, 28% are striving families, 13% are poorer pensioners and 9% are in difficult circumstances; That’s nearly 35,000 people who may be finding things espcecially challenging, in the current economic climate.

At least 20,000 people across our communities live with a common mental health disorder and the South West has the highest amount of people aged 65 (and above) living alone which contributes to the loneliness epidemic among elderly people. We know that by working together with partners and developing our charity further, we can help people to connect in ways which enrich their lives and give them access to opportunities that enable better lives.

Our approach is to offer impact programmes which not only work for people when things go wrong, but also try to tackle the root cause of social challenges through innovation.

  • 28%

    Striving families

  • 13%

    Poorer pensioners

  • 9%

    In difficult circumstances