Creating places for nature and community

Andrea Harvey set up her social business, Places for Nature, following a house move. With little in the way of wildlife in her garden, Andrea set to work researching the best plants for pollinators, what food to leave out for the birds and how to get mammals visiting her garden. With a bit of hard work, Andrea’s garden was teeming with wildlife. 

What originally started as a mission to nurture her own back garden soon rippled out into the wider community and Andrea used her background working with environmental not for profits and environmental research, combined with her corporate experience, to kickstart the idea for her social enterprise.    

Places for Nature will be working with communities to help them connect with nature and each other, by offering support and equipment to help create, improve, maintain and preserve places for wildlife in gardens and communal spaces. From new housing developments to long established villages, towns and cities, their aim is to support people to come together to help nature and in doing so, improve the health and wellbeing of everyone involved. 

Places for Nature also want to help businesses, organisations and local authorities bring nature into their operations by providing the opportunity for project partnerships, workshops and corporate social responsibility activities.

Now Places for Nature is part of our inc. programme and growing day by day. Andrea is hoping it will provide the support and help she needs to develop Places for Nature in communities throughout the UK and support Aster's work around social inclusion.

“I have been really impressed with the level of support given to us, even at this early stage. It has really made me feel part of the Aster family!”

You can find out more about Places for Nature and inc. here.

Visit the Places for Nature website here.


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