You may well have noticed, but we love to be bold, brave and social. We recently caught up with one of the most refreshing UK lifestyle bloggers out there Hayley Bisofsky who has recently moved to Newquay from Central London. We asked Hayley to share with us her top 5 places to grab food in Newquay.

“With so much choice of places to dine in Newquay it’s essential to know where is worth spending your time and money. Since moving to Newquay a little over a year ago I’ve spent quite a bit of time getting to know the food establishments in and around this awesome town. I'm excited to share with you some of my favourites.”

So then, where’s best for a spot of breakfast?

The Box and Barber

The Box and Barber started above the Watershed Surf shop in town. Its coffee and ‘box breakfast’ grew to legendary status among locals and it quickly outgrew its premises. It’s new venue on Fore Street means it’s a convenient stop off for breakfast whilst you’re on your way to the beach. Their coconut milk late and avocado breakfasts are a personal favourite of mine and worthy of a try yourself!

And what about grabbing some lunch?

Pavillion Bakery

The Pavilion Bakery is the newbie in town and given that its other premises are in flagship locations in London such as Victoria Park, Broadway Market, Columbia Road we were all expecting big things. I’m happy to say that I wasn't disappointed and their ‘doorstep style’ sandwiches are worth shouting about. It’s a moment walk from the harbour so you can grab a takeout or dine in on their bar stools and watch the world pass by.

The best meal of the day, dinner. What’s your recommendation?

The Fish House

After a day soaking up the rays on North Fistral beach you can be forgiven for not wanting to leave, but as the sun sinks lower in the sky and dinner calls it becomes necessary to uproot yourself and go in search of food.The Fish House at North Fistral overlooks the beach and now means you can dine and watch the sun set at the same time. They have quite a diverse menu for fish lovers but I never pass up an opportunity to enjoy a plate full of their Balinese skewered monkfish. Due to the location it gets really busy so booking ahead is essential.

Is there a winner for Best Café?

Sea Spray

This place used to be very average however since it’s new takeover, it’s been given a fresh menu and a more welcoming vibe. With views stretching out over south Fistral beach you couldn't find a better spot to wave watch with your coffee.

What about an overall winner then?

Watergate Bay

Watergate Bay has everything. Two fine dining restaurants, Zacharies and Jamie Olivers Fifteen. A beach hut restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Living space at the hotel is probably where I eat most often and there’s even a burger bar up the road called Wax.

There we have it and a huge thanks to Hayley for her insight into her top 5 places to grab a bite to eat in and around Newquay. If this isn’t enough to whet your appetite to buy a home at The Goldings in Newquay then we don’t know what is. We have a few homes left that are due to sell out before you know it. If you want to buy one today, visit our page by clicking here and get in contact with Jody Jones.