UK lifestyle blogger, Hayley Bisofsky, began her blog when she moved down to Cornwall from Central London. Initially set up as a way of telling her parents what she was getting up to, she now has over 16,000 people frequently visiting her blog for Cornish holiday and lifestyle inspiration. A local to Newquay, we asked Hayley to share with us those secret hidden gems that only the locals know. Read on for the inside scoop on where to go to avoid the crowds. 

Cornwall is spoilt for choice when it comes to areas of outstanding beauty and it’s a pleasure to get to share them with visitors during the summer months. Cornwall attracts over 5 million visitors a year and those numbers are growing year on year so locals can expect the town to get busier each summer. The summer visitors encourage new businesses in the area to be constantly innovating and the growing economy means that more resources can be pumped into local facilities that benefit the town’s residents year round.

However, by mid-summer you may find yourself craving a little quiet time in nature so having your own ‘solitary zones’ that you know the visitors don’t know about can be a god send in those hectic summer months.

 Exploration is key to finding these, get out and about in nature as often as possible and be willing to go off the beaten track in search of those hidden gems. Investing in a kayak or paddleboard can mean that you have a whole cove to yourself on a bank holiday weekend in August when every other beach is rammed packed. There’s so many coves that can only be accessed by sea and if you’re a solitary seeker like me, a kayak and or paddleboard can quickly become an essential piece of kit.

In August this year my friend and I went down to Porthcurno with some paddleboards. We had to fight through the crowds on the beach to get the paddle boards down to the waters edge but a 3minute paddle around the headland transported us to a secluded bay where we spent the whole day enjoying the sapphire blue waters and white sandy beach to ourselves. It was blissful. The stretch between Watergate bay and Fistral also provides lots of hidden coves that can only be accessed by water.

If venturing out on the ocean doesn't appeal to you there’s also some solitary zones accessible by dry land. The steep steps and absence of a beach cafe at Whipsiderry beach generally means it’s a lot quieter than all the other beaches in Newquay. You probably won’t have it to yourself but it will be relatively empty in comparison to its neighbours Porth beach and Watergate bay.

If you’re happy to go on a little walk, the coastal path from Watergate Bay to Mawgan Porth is often quite quiet. About half way along you will come to a little foot bridge and a 30second wander off the coastal path will take you to a flat bed of rock that overlooks the waters edge. I’ve sunbathed for hours here in the summer and not been disturbed by one person.

On the busy beaches, the sand dunes often provide shelter from the crowds. Families tend to prefer being down on the beaches so that their children can have access to the water quite easily but as a local you will begin to map out those sand dunes and learn the bowl shaped diverts where you can enjoy the beach but remain separate from the crowds.

At first glance it’s easy to say ‘the beaches are packed, it’s too busy to go out’ but if you get curious about your environment I think you’ll find that there’s more places to go than you first thought. It’s one of the beautiful things about Cornwall, just when you think you really know her, she reveals a little more of herself.

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