Get a dog they said, it will be fun they said………… They were so right! 

For as long I can remember I’ve wanted a dog of my own but because of previous commitments, it just wasn’t possible (long days at work, no-one home all day), but as I now have a job that is home based and flexible it seemed like the perfect time for me to find my very own lovely fur friend. We’d had family dogs when I was younger, but I was possibly too young to fully enjoy this and obviously far too young to grasp the reality and responsibility of having a dog. 

 Knowing I wanted a dog but not knowing the full extent of what this meant, I looked into to fostering. I knew I wanted a Bulldog so specifically looked into this breed. I came across The Edward Foundation, they are set up to rescue & rehome Bulldogs. The foundation rescues dogs from the UK and Hungary and unfortunately also get owners giving their dogs up as they can no longer look after them for various reasons.  What could be better than helping a pooch that really needs you?! 

Enter Kroeger – my best friend, my shadow, my loyal side kick and the love of my life!  Kroegs came to us on a windy & wet Sunday night in February. Initially we were asked to assess his behaviour & medical needs to enable The Edward Foundation to find him his perfect forever home… Fast forward to 5 months later and he is here to stay, he has found his perfect forever home with my family and I.

He is a 2 year old Blue Tri-coloured English Bulldog, who during the day acts like an old man, snoring away by my side whilst I work but come 5pm he is full of playful & mischievous energy…. Let me tell you it hurts when a 23kg clumsy boy runs into you!

He may have a few medical issues, snore very loud and require a lot of looking after but would I change him……….not for the world.

I won’t lie, I have cried many tears over him. There have been times when he has been very poorly & and I may have slightly over reacted when he was too tired to wake up one evening and I thought the worst (the word ‘treat’ soon woke him though). However, I couldn’t imagine my life without him now.  There is just something super special about a rescue dog, they have a previous story that will never be told, they need extra love & and support, but if you show them the love that they deserve, you will have a dog that is totally loyal, loving and most of all, thankful for you!

There are many dog rescues out there & and they all do an amazing job, saving dogs and ensuring they have the best life, the one they deserve!

 My doggy foster Mum tales even inspired my teamie Cheryl to become a dog foster Mum.